The Fueled Former Athlete Academy

Fuel for life after sport without obsessing over food. Stop feeling guilty taking rest days. Eat without stress. 

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do you find yourself...

  • Feeling guilty taking rest days
  • Limiting carbs when you don’t workout

How would it feel if you could eat like a “normal” person without feeling so obsessed with food? And actually have confidence and clarity around how to fuel as a retired athlete!

Fueling your body intuitively is a nourishing and guilt-free approach to eating so you can feel strong, confident, and energized in life after sport!

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Maybe You Feel Like You’ve Already Tried Everything With Zero Success





Keto (or insert diet here) worked for a little while and you did lose some weight! But then the carb cravings kicked in and you found yourself binging on cereal in the closet at night.

You tried tracking your food but it just felt so stressful every time you went over your allotted calories or macros…to the point where you paced the stairs or did abs by your bed to burn off the calories

You have some nutrition knowledge from being an athlete, but honestly, it doesn’t feel like it applies to you anymore. Do you really need that many carbs on rest days? You just want to be able to eat normally!

You want to continue working out because you truly love it, but find yourself stressed if you have to take a rest day, or feel guilty for eating dessert when you don’t workout. Almost like your workout is your permission to eat. 

Imagine what it would be like if you never had to stress about food again…

  • You have confidence and clarity making food choices! You know exactly how to build a nourishing (and enjoyable) meal that fuels you.
  • You never feel guilty for eating dessert. And know when to say YES and when to say NO. Food no longer controls you.
  • You feel confident honoring hunger and fullness cues (and actually recognize them) so you never have to question portion sizes again. 
  • You workout because you LOVE your body. Not as punishment, to burn off or earn your food, or because you hate the way it looks.
  • Oh yeah, and you have the same confidence (maybe more!) in your body image as you did as an athlete!
  • You get excited to receive a teammate’s wedding invite instead of panicking they’ll think you “let yourself go”

Sound too good to be true?

Let Me Introduce You To…The Fueled Former Athlete Academy

A self-paced nutrition coaching program that teaches you how to eat in life after sport without the guilt, the stress, or the fear. Learn how to transition your nutrition for life off the field while still feeling incredibly confident and powerful in your own skin, without having to diet, feel hungry, or obsessed with food. 

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The Pillars of the Program



work on

— Just like no athlete is the same, no former athlete is the same! The first pillar of The POWER Program is personalized because no one’s nutrition needs are the same. This program focuses on helping you create and cultivate the nutrition lifestyle that works best for YOU and your life after sport. This is not a cookie cutter program. It’s personalized and focuses on what YOU need. 

— Pardon me for a minute while I have a nerd moment, but I LOVE nutrition science and how food works in the body! The second pillar is OPTIMIZE. This is where you will learn how food serves your body, how it works in your body, so you can become an expert at building balanced, optimized meals that work FOR your body. Not against it. 

— The thing about being an athlete, and working out at an intense level for so many years, is that our hunger and fullness cues get skewed. Exercise impacts our hunger and fullness, and once we retire, we may not know what it feels like to actually be hungry or actually be full. This pillar is designed to help you work on regaining complete clarity and confidence when it comes to hunger and fullness cues! So you never have to guess how much to eat or when to eat again. 

— Have you ever heard that sweet potatoes are better for you than white potatoes? Or have a coach tell you not to eat white bread? The fourth pillar of The POWER Program is crucial! Here, we evaluate nutrition beliefs, where they come from, and if they’re actually true! There is so much nutrition (mis)information in the sports world. In this pillar, we will bust nutrition myths so you can feel confident in your nutrition knowledge. 

— Last, but certainly not least, pillar 5…REDEFINE and REDISCOVER your joy with movement. This is a big one for us as former athletes. Exercise played such a big role for so long. And now, it looks a lot different. Maybe you’re still working out for hours a day because you feel guilty or scared of weight gain otherwise. Maybe you’re not and feel frustrated by that. Either way, you might be feeling guilty for not exercising at the same level you once did. This pillar connects everything so you can ditch the guilt, move your body in an enjoyable way, and rediscover JOY in movement. Not guilt. Or shame. Or punishment. 

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When I entered into retirement from basketball, my lifelong struggle with body image became much worse and I developed habits of disordered eating. I hated my body and tried every diet under the sun (truly) and worked out for all of the wrong reasons. It took a long time, some lifestyle changes, and a lot of work but I was able to fight my way to a much healthier place. I reached out to Katie because even though I was doing a lot better, I wanted to make sure that the issues wouldn’t come back and take over my life again. Through Katie’s group coaching classes, I learned about the science behind nutrition and what our bodies need. Because it was a group class, I learned so much from the other group members and felt very seen. As a former athlete, it is easy to think you are alone in your struggles and not want to reach out to anyone. We are trained our entire lives to push through any pain, mental or physical. Katie was incredible, she made everyone feel comfortable, walked us through complicated information, and equipped us with what we needed to enact meaningful change in our lives. I am so glad that I reached out and so grateful to Katie for everything she is doing!

- megan h.

When I joined the group I wanted to be able to achieve food freedom and stop my restrict and binge cycle and I can truthfully say that I haven’t binged since joining the group and I feel so much more empowered when I walk up to a meal now knowing that I am in control. I trust myself to have sweets in the house, I walk away without cleaning off my plate, and I don’t feel guilty or out of control. I could not recommend working with Katie enough. She is so genuine and compassionate and truly understands what us fellow athletes have experienced. Walking away from sport is hard enough on its own and you deserve to have support in that transition no matter how long ago that was.

- jessica m.

What You'll Get When You Enroll:

  • 10 self-paced modules that walk you through the entire POWER Program™ process 
  • 42 video trainings (5-15 minutes long)
  • 40+ pages of printable guided worksheets/downloads


  • Private community of support + question answering for 4 months after enrollment (value $1600)
  • The POWER Bundle Nutrition for Former Athlete E-Book (Value $30)

$1630 FOR FREE

The Fueled Former Athlete Academy is for you if…

You’re ready to break-free from food obsession

You are looking for a community of support in life after sport

You want to have confidence in your body again in retirement

You are ready to stop feeling guilty for taking a rest day (or two)

And you want to reclaim your relationship with food, exercise, and body image in this new stage of life

When You Enroll...

Purchase the program with one of 4 payment plans that fits your financial needs

Set up your account through Thinkific

Login and gain immediate access to the course!

Get cozy! Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or wine and settle in to watch the modules.

Email me with any questions! I’m here to support you along the way!

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If You're Thinking...

(click to see my myth-busters!)

I know what you’re thinking…this is too good to be true. You’ve tried SO many things already and nothing has seemed to work. 

If I let myself eat what I want, I’ll be completely out of control.

This is a COMMON fear when people hear the words “food freedom”. And I get it! I used to think the same thing! That’s because you may be thinking this is a free-for-all. Let me assure you, we still focus on nutrition. There is still structure (we love structure as athletes!). Just not the kind of structure that makes you feel bad when you “mess” it up, ya know? 

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As athletes we are used to going to the extremes! Diets, workouts, our entire lifestyle WAS extreme. And sure, maybe you’ve seen “success” when you’re really strict, on a diet, or do to the extreme. But did that “success” last…? I know it’s not as sexy as the quick fixes, but what you’ll learn inside The Fueled Former Athlete Academy isn’t going for quick. It's sustainable and long-term. So your success isn’t finite until your next carb craving hits. It’s final. 

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I get it! I thought that too! I was the same as you, working out 5-6 days a week, hard intense workouts, if I didn’t break a sweat it didn’t count. I’m guessing you can relate. And truthfully, there is NOTHING wrong with going hard. Sometimes. I’m not here to change your love of exercise. Just make it so you don’t feel guilty for choosing a movie night over the gym. And it issss possible to get there. 

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For whatever reason, we seem to think we’re the exception as athletes (and, well, we are for a lot of things). I hear this often, former athletes thinking food freedom is great for others! Body confidence is amazing for you friend! But…not for me. Right? I used to think the same thing. Here’s the deal, this isn’t just a cookie cutter program. It’s a complete shifting of your life in a way that feels good FOR YOU. You’ll build what feels best FOR YOU. And, you’ll also learn that you are just as deserving of being happy and confident as your friends. Even if you think that’s “great for them. Not for me”.

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Don’t Wait Until You’ve Lost Just 5 More Pounds Before Embracing Your Life (after sport)!

You’re living life NOW! It’s not paused while you wait on weight loss. 

Stop chasing a number on the scale to define your happiness.

Let go of the guilt and re-discover your love of movement. 

Show up in life confident! And to your teammate’s wedding too!

Learn how to ADD to your diet in a healthful way, instead of restrict. 

Never need to go on another quick fix diet again. 

Don’t let the freedom of retirement pass you by while being trapped in the diet cycle. 

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Your life before The Fueled Former Athlete Academy:

Your life after The Fueled Former Athlete Academy:

  • Being fearful of gaining weight.
  • Riddled with guilt if you don’t get a workout in. 
  • Overly stressed about calories and macros. 
  • Uncomfortable in your clothes and your skin. 

  • Confident in your body and set-point weight! Totally broken up with the scale!
  • Peace with exercise. You do it because you WANT to. Not because you have to. 
  • No longer being trapped by an app telling you what to eat. 
  • Comfortable and confident in your clothes and your retired athlete skin. 

My name is Katie! I’m a fellow former athlete and registered dietitian nutritionist. I have been exactly where you find yourself right now. Trying to find balance in life after sport. 

  • Loving to exercise but also feeling so much guilt taking a rest day. 
  • Mentally doing the math to see if the calories you’ve burned makes up for the ice cream you ate. 
  • Persistently chasing the same number on the scale I saw as an athlete. 
  • Feeling like a failure every time the diet I tried didn’t work…thinking it was my own lack of willpower and self control. 

It wasn’t until I realized that it’s not me who is failing. It’s the diets. It was my athlete identity burdening me, instead of BENEFITTING me. I had to completely revamp my relationship with food, exercise AND my body in order to find the confidence I once had as an athlete. 

Believe it or not, I am actually MORE comfortable and confident now in my skin than I was as an athlete. I effortlessly hang out at my set-point weight without fear of weight gain. I enjoy the exercise I do, and take rest days without guilt. And I am loving retirement fully instead of resenting it. 

All of this is possible for you too my friend. 

Hope to see you inside The Fueled Former Athlete Academy. 

Oh Hey Former Athlete!
I almost forgot to introduce myself!

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