I Have Three Ways to Set You Up for Confidence for Life After Sport

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I'm Katie – Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

i've been where you are at right now...desperately trying to get your athlete body back.

I’m  here to help you fuel for life after sport without dieting and improve body image to feel confident in your skin! 

The Fueled Former Athlete Academy Online Course

The FFAA is my comprehensive nutrition coaching program designed by a former athlete (me!) for a former athlete (you!) so you can learn how to FUEL your body for life after sport. No diets. No restriction. No counting or tracking here. Just enjoyable nourishment, so you can keep kicking butt and taking names post-sport! Ditch the guilt and find true confidence in your body. Because the last thing we should be stressing about is what to eat or what the scale says. That thing doesn't know your life! You deserve to find balance with food and exercise in life (after sport). This program has the tools to help you do just that. You know, eat like a "normal" person, and find your happiest, and healthiest self in life after sport.

online course

1:1 Nutrition Coaching - The POWER Program™

The POWER Program™ is designed to help you rediscover just that…your POWER as a former athlete. Based on my proven 5 pillar framework, The POWER Program™ will meet you right where you are and walk with you in life after sport. Together we will work to overcome food fears, break food rules, re-evaluate your relationship with exercise, and understand your unique needs in order to THRIVE in life after sport. This is not a quick fix. It’s a long-lasting sustainable, life-changing approach to your nutrition as a former athlete. So you can finally feel GOOD in your retired athlete skin. 

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