May 4, 2020

Consequences of under-fueling as a former athlete



At the age of 18, as a freshman in college, division 1 athlete and former national team member, I was told I had osteopenia in my spine and wrists after getting a DEXA scan done…no joke…um what?! That shook me (honestly probably should’ve been diagnosed with the Female Athlete Triad/Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports but ‍♀️).

You know what shook me even more? The 2400 calorie meal plan the sports dietitian just told me I should follow in order to maximize my nutrition and health as an athlete I about laughed and cried in her face at the same time.

2400 calories was she insane? I was eating less than half of that ‍♀️ This number freaked me out more than the results of my DEXA scan. Proof of how far into my disordered eating beliefs I really was.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but she was genuinely working hard to try and help me prevent a long list of complications and health struggles that can be the result of under-fueling  

  • Difficulty concentrating and mood swings

  • Hormonal imbalances, potential fertility issues

  • Impaired sleep quality

  • Reduce bone mineral density. This could eventually lead to osteopenia with the advancement of osteoporosis.

  • Slowed metabolism. Does it feel like it’s really really hard to lose weight? Chances are, your metabolism has slowed as a protective mechanism for survival!

  • Skin struggles and thinning hair. If you don’t fuel your body well, you won’t have enough energy for growth!

  • Digestion problems. Under-fueling and GI issues are often related. Our body thrives off of being fueled! But struggles when we under-fuel it.

Having food freedom isn’t just about eating what you want when you want. It’s about being confident that you’re fueling yourself in a way that is healthful and nourishing to your body & mind for long term health ✨ Because these consequences of under-fueling are no joke!

Nutrition goes way beyond how you look on the outside and so greatly impacts your health on the inside And I believe, despite past nutrition struggles or worries, every former athlete deserves to confidently know they are fueling themselves in a way that supports long term health!

We’ve got a lot of things to accomplish fellow former athletes! And we need to be fueled and satisfied in order to do them ❤️

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